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5 Unique Facts About Your Teeth

June 27, 2021

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a young woman showing off her healthy teeth in Tappan

When it comes to your teeth, you may not think they’re anything too special. Yes, they help you eat and chew, and they can help you feel more confident, but that’s about all, right? Wrong! Your pearly whites are far more interesting than you realize, which is why your dentist is here to share 5 unique facts that will have you looking at your smile in a whole new way.


5 Health Factors to Discuss With Your Dentist

May 14, 2021

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a woman smiling while visiting her dentist for a regular dental checkup in Northvale

The mouth and body are closely connected. As a result, problems that develop in one area will ultimately affect the other. Most dentists want you to have optimal oral and overall health but to achieve this, you must be forthcoming with any issues you may be facing. During your next dental checkup in Northvale, make sure to discuss the following 5 factors with your dentist to give yourself the best chance for a healthy smile and body.


Why Do I Have Morning Breath?

March 16, 2021

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a woman holding her nose while her partner yawns with awful morning breath

It’s the morning and you roll over to let out a long yawn when your partner shrieks. Wonder what caused their sudden reaction, they inform you that you have bad morning breath. Attempting to sniff it out yourself, you realize they’re right. But why? What is causing this awful odor to come out of your mouth each day? A local dentist weighs in on the topic to explain the causes behind morning breath and why a good oral hygiene routine can remedy the problem.


Do you have a dental Phobia?

February 26, 2021

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Don’t wait until you have an unbearable toothache before scheduling an appointment. Our experienced dentist can help with any concerns you may have.

Sedation dentistry can help you relax in the dentist’s chair. That way, you can get the dental care you need for a healthy smile. Our Doctors can help you explore your options for sedation dentistry so you have peace of mind.


Breakthrough Treatments End Dental Fear

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When Steve was in his early 20s he swore he’d never visit a dentist again. Now, 20 years later it was obvious he’d kept that promise.

As he sat in my office looking totally miserable I couldn’t help noticing that his teeth were stained and chipped. His gums were red and there were large cavities in his front teeth. I felt like I was watching his teeth rotting as we talked.

“I know it’s dumb,” he said, looking down at his shaking hands, “but every time I’d think about going to the dentist I’d get so scared I’d actually feel sick.”

Finally the pain of NOT taking care of his teeth had become worse than the stress of facing down his fear.


Your Benefits Have Reset. Time to Use Them!

February 12, 2021

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We could all use a fresh start in 2021 considering how hectic and unpredictable 2020 has proven to be. While it’s a year we all want to move on from, it’s still important to take a moment to self-reflect. When you do, you’re taking the first step towards making the new year better!


4 Benefits of Invisalign You May Not Realize

January 29, 2021

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an up-close view of a person holding an Invisalign aligner in their left hand

The benefits of Invisalign are many, and while you may think that its only real advantage is that it is clear and practically invisible to others, it offers far more than you might imagine. These clear aligners may be small, but they prove to be a superior option for busy professionals, stay-at-home parents, and self-conscious teens.  Read on to find out more about the advantages of these clear aligners and what you can expect while working toward a new and improved smile.


New year, New you: New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy Smile

January 20, 2021

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By Dr. Mariliza Lacap
Dentist and CEO of Smile More Dentistry and Washington Dental Associates.
Amazon best selling author, “Secrets to Total Body Health”

You may have already started your New Year’s resolutions. Why not make one of your New Year’s resolutions be improving your dental health? Here’s how.


4 Benefits of Visiting a Multi-Specialty Dental Practice

December 29, 2020

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a team of dentists and specialists smiling in preparation for treating dental patients

When learning you need advanced dental work to improve your smile, the last thing you want is to receive a referral. Traveling to various specialty offices can be exhausting, time-consuming, and a deterrent, causing many patients to forgo the added visit for necessary treatment. This is where a multi-specialty practice can be extremely beneficial for individuals with families or complex dental needs. Read on to find out why visiting this type of office is most beneficial to you and the future of your oral health.


5 Dental Tips to Make Your Holidays Merrier!

November 17, 2020

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  1. Wow Your Smile with Professional Whitening

At Smile More Dentistry, our proven whitening systems are the safest and most affordable ways to whiten all of your teeth with amazing results. Call now at (845)359-1763 or book online to get your holiday smile bright and picture-perfect!

  1. Eat HEALTHY!

Holiday foods are not always healthy foods. The key is to find a balance between indulging enough to have fun but not forgo overall healthy choices. While eating on the run, you’re less likely to focus on what’s good for you and more likely to grab what’s convenient. Meal planning is recommended by replacing processed and fast foods–with whole foods.

Remember, what’s good for your body is good for your teeth and gums!

  1. Pass on the Popcorn Balls!

Chomping down on a single unpopped kernel of popcorn or hard candy, like toffee nuts, brittles and candy canes– can crack your teeth! They may be oh-so-irresistible but the potential  damage of your teeth and fillings isn’t worth the risk. Sticky candies like caramel and taffy have been known to pull out fillings and even loosen old bridges! If candy is a craving, stick to chocolate and brush soon afterwards.

  1. Win Your Battle Over “Bad Breath”

You’re likely eating more plaque-causing and spicy foods for the holidays… and you may be overdue for your cleaning. You’re only a breath away from being embarrassed by halitosis, which is also known as bad breath.

Your dental cleaning can help restore your close up confidence.

  1. Don’t Sour Your Smile!

Oral bacteria that feed off sugar can generate an acid pH comparable to that of battery acid! Sodas and other common holiday drinks bathe your teeth in a continuous layer of decay causing acid–which can be extremely corrosive to your teeth. South candies and pickled foods can have the same effect. If you’re going to consume acidic snacks, foods or drinks, do so during a mealtime.

Rinsing with water and chewing xylitol-containing gum can help!

For more dental tips, please feel free to visit our website or simply give us a call at (845)359-1763. Your smile team is ALWAYS here for you!

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