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Home Care Instructions: Root Canal Therapy

Please observe the following instructions in order to ensure the most successful outcome.

  1. If any prescription was given for antibiotics (Zithromax, Penicillin, Amoxicillin, etc.). Please take it as directed on the bottle’s label until it is finished.
  2. A prescription for moderate to severe pain such as Tylenol #3 may also be given. You do not need to fill this, as many of our patients never need to. If Extra Strength Tylenol or Motrin are adequate to relieve any soreness after the anesthesia wears off, in about 1 - 1½ hours, you may stick with that.
  3. Please DO NOT bite or chew on any treated tooth for 1 week. Doing so will traumatize the surrounding bone of the root(s) causing a lot of pain and excessive soreness for at least a week afterward.
  4. Some minor gum swelling or mild soreness is to be expected following treatment. Sensitivity to cold and heat, as well as any soreness, should go away in a few days. Please report any signs of excessive gum swelling or tooth sensitivity/looseness or if the prescribed pain relievers do not work as soon as possible to the dental office. If it is after our regular dental office hours call 201-384-2425 and follow the prompts for emergency calls.
  5. For long-term protection against possible tooth/root fracture and subsequent tooth loss, it is recommended that a full coverage crown be placed as possible. This should be scheduled after 2-3 weeks following completion.
  6. Brush and floss gently.

If you have any questions regarding the instructions above, please do not hesitate to call the dental office.

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